Are You Planting Seeds for 2023 Money Success? | Episode 033 of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

Dec 20, 2022
Are You Planting Seeds for 2023 Money Success? | Episode 033 of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

Do you know that the seeds you plant TODAY are creating your financial success TOMORROW?

Based on the Law of Cause and Effect, you are either planting seeds that will:

1) set you up for 2023 money success.


2) cause you to keep making the same amount of money you've always made (and feeling the same way about it!).

If you want to plant the seeds for 2023 money success it is critical to know this...

YOU CAN'T GET WHAT YOU WANT DOING WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO! Abraham-Hicks aptly describes this as "It's impossible to have a happy ending to a miserable journey."

So, if you want to feel and make easier money in 2023, you've got to feel good in your daily actions every day!

3 tips to plant seeds for 2023 money success:

1) Have a morning routine that starts your day with aligned energy.

2) Create a loving relationship with money.

3) Do daily check-ins to uplevel your money vibe.

For a deeper dive, listen to the full episode 033 of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast - Are You Planting Seeds for 2023 Money Success?:

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Written by Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer"

Dr. Amanda Barrientez - known as "The Money Healer" - is the founder of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money, the host of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast and the NFA Money YouTube Channel. She's been featured on over 150 podcasts, sharing tips on how to uplevel your money mindset to make easier money in your business.

After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, Dr. Amanda’s been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs how to transform their relationship to money and scale from their Zone of Manifestation™.  Check out her proven 3-step formula at

 "Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so if you don’t like what you’re getting on the outside (money), change what’s within (mindset).” - Dr. Amanda - 

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