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for No F*cking Around Entrepreneurs Who are Ready for Their Full-Time Effort to Turn into Full-On Money Magnetism

Let’s cut to it:

You’re feeling stuck in your business

And you’re not making the money you want to make, even though you’re working all the time.

You’re Doubting Yourself, Asking:

Do I have what it takes to build a successful business?

What if I’m not made for this?

Is all the time and effort I’m putting into my business worth it?

It’s not just about making more money…

It’s about FREEDOM OF travel when and where you want, to build your retirement fund, and buy whatever you want, without looking at how much it costs. It’s about making the big bucks doing what you enjoy, feeling successful, and creating a life and business on your terms.
You deserve that. Ready to find out what might be stopping you?

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The first step to unlocking your potential is to uncover the unconscious thoughts that are keeping you stuck. In this step, we’ll figure out the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making the money you desire.


A No Fucking Around strategy to train your (subconscious) brain for money-making success.


Next, we use proven science-based Law of Attraction strategies to reframe your state of being (thoughts, beliefs, and emotions) to align with your REAL desires.


The final step is to repetitively reframe your state of being so you can reprogram your subconscious mind to magnetically attract success. This is where conscious manifestation happens.

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A No Fucking Around approach to breaking through your money mindset BS.


The first step to unlocking your limitless potential is to uncover the unconscious thoughts that are keeping you stuck. In this step, we’ll figure out the money beliefs that are holding you back from the financial abundance you crave.


Next, we daydream about the business success you want to create and reframe your thoughts to align with your REAL desires.


The final step is to repetitively reframe your thoughts so you can reprogram your old beliefs and powerfully step into your new ones. This is where transformation occurs.

Train Your Brain to Breakthrough to 6-figures

Meet Your Money Mindset &  Manifestation Coach

Hi - I’m Dr. Amanda!

AKA “The Money Healer”

When I was going through grad school as a single mom with three kids, I was no stranger to working hard, but no matter how hard I worked, I was broke, exhausted, and stressed out.

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t seem to escape what I call the sh*t storm of struggle! 

I started digging deep into personal growth and development and quickly began to uncover the thoughts that were keeping me poor and playing small. I realized: I didn’t have the wrong strategies, I had the wrong mindset.

This realization changed everything. In one year, I went from food stamps to 6-figures.

Now, I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs, like you, transform your mindset and experience massive growth so you can step into your power and manifest the business success you dream about from your Zone of Manifestation™...

This is what NFA - No Fucking Around - Money is all about - designing your life and business using Law of Attraction strategies that make it easy!

NFA Money

Let’s Work Together

Train Your Brain to Make Easier Money

The number one problem entrepreneurs have is that their unconscious money blocks keep them from making money fast and easily in their businesses. So, they try everything and spend thousands on coaches and programs thinking this will "fix" the problem of slow business growth. But, the real problem is your money mindset is stuck, trapped in your beliefs of the past. And what's even worse? You don't know that this is the problem! 

In order to make money more easily (and feel good about it!) you've got to start with reprogramming your money mindset. Lucky for you, you're in the right place. Helping people heal their relationship to money is my Zone of Genius and how I earned the title - "The Money Healer." If you're truly ready to breakthrough your BS and finally reverse engineer your life and business from a place of WORK LESS, MAKE MORE and HAVE FUN, then let's chat!

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Here's What the NFA Family has to Say...

My new perspective is already helping me create results.

As a result of joining the NFA Money Mamas, I have been able to shift my beliefs about money. My new perspective is already helping me create results. Dr. Amanda leads deep-thinking sessions that help members to heal and rewrite their money stories. I highly recommend Dr. Amanda and her programs.

Denise | Transformational Coach

Building my business confidence has already led to BIG results (hint: they involve money)!

I LOVE getting to be a part of the NFA Money Mamas. These powerhouse ladies hold my hand through doubting days, inspire me to keep reaching higher, and gift me with the practical support and advice to ACTUALLY get there. Building my business confidence has already led to BIG results (hint: they involve money)!

Alethea | Copy With Spice

Velma G.

- Heart Compass Method™ Coach -

I participated in one of Dr. Amanda's programs, and found huge value in it. By the end of the class we had prepared a declaration based on my personal circumstances. I took this and posted it up in multiple places for me to see every day. Within two weeks I had experiences shifts specifically related to this declaration. I am looking forward to (and excited about) seeing the impacts of working with Dr. Amanda going forward.

Tommy A.

- iPEC Lead Trainer -

In the WEEK that I hired Amanda, I made back my investment with a new client. In the weeks that followed, I doubled my monthly revenue compared to any other month this year...

She helped me gain tremendous clarity around what I'm here on this planet to do right now, who that supports, HOW that supports others, and how I can ENJOY the path of wealth building along the way.

Regina P.

- Women on Amazon -

I cannot recommend Dr. Amanda highly enough. The strategies and tips I got from listening to her podcast (now YouTube) and following her suggestions gave me the impetus to change my mindset.

The real world financial results of this mindset shift were staggering. Within a couple of months, I was able to 2.5X my "stretch" sales goal on a promotion - and that is money in my pocket. Seriously - go listen to Amanda and do what she says ;)

You're one thought away from MILLIONS OF DOLLARS...

Don’t let anything - including yourself - get in the way.

Ready to breakthrough to what’s next? 

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