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- Client Success -

Velma G.

- Heart Compass Method™ Coach -

I participated in one of Dr. Amanda's programs, and found huge value in it. By the end of the class we had prepared a declaration based on my personal circumstances. I took this and posted it up in multiple places for me to see every day. Within two weeks I had experiences shifts specifically related to this declaration. I am looking forward to (and excited about) seeing the impacts of working with Dr. Amanda going forward.

Tommy A.

- iPEC Lead Trainer -

In the WEEK that I hired Amanda, I made back my investment with a new client. In the weeks that followed, I doubled my monthly revenue compared to any other month this year...

She helped me gain tremendous clarity around what I'm here on this planet to do right now, who that supports, HOW that supports others, and how I can ENJOY the path of wealth building along the way.

Regina P.

- Women on Amazon -

I cannot recommend Dr. Amanda highly enough. The strategies and tips I got from listening to her podcast (now YouTube) and following her suggestions gave me the impetus to change my mindset.

The real world financial results of this mindset shift were staggering. Within a couple of months, I was able to 2.5X my "stretch" sales goal on a promotion - and that is money in my pocket. Seriously - go listen to Amanda and do what she says ;)

Hello - I'm Dr. Amanda Barrientez, the founder of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money. I'm known as "The Money Healer" because I'm an expert at teaching coaches, just like you, how to breakthrough your unconscious money blocks so you can make abundant, flowing money in your business.

Why is this what I'm driven to do? Because I know what it's like to feel SCARED and STUCK in SURVIVAL MODE! When I started my business, I was on food stamps and had a lot of limiting beliefs about women being disempowered money makers. One night, when I was on the floor crying, I made a decision that I was willing to do whatever it takes to change my reality. This led me to learning about my unconscious money blocks and to building a 6-figure business fast.

Now I know that it's what I call Competing Commitments™ - when your unconscious and conscious beliefs are battling each other - that keep you in fear, uncertainty and doubt and feeling out of control about your reality. I am certain that once you learn how to breakthrough your unconscious money blocks, using my NFA Money Formula™, you will have the power and control to become a POWERHOUSE WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR who has more time and money freedom.

NFA Money Mama High Fives,

💙 Dr. Amanda

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