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- Dr. Amanda Barrientez -
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NFA Money


Are you feeling frustrated because you're not making the money you want to make in your business? Money's always on your mind but you don't know what to do about it?

Well - you're in the right place! All of NFA Money's content is designed to help you get energetically aligned to feel good about making money so you can unblock your money flow and build your business to multiple 6-figures and beyond!

How? You'll learn how what I call - Competing Commitments™ - are unconsciously keeping your money flow blocked. Once unblocked, you'll start making money more easily - and wonder why you didn't learn these tricks sooner!  

NFA Mindset


If you don't like the money results you're getting in your business, you must learn how to eliminate your "poverty consciousness" blocks.

One example of a poverty consciousness money mindset is when you undercharge and overdeliver for the programs and services that you offer. Then you feel resentful, frustrated and even want to give up. You question if you should give up on building your business because it might never make you enough money and it's all too stressful anyway. Sound familiar?

What you want is more profits flowing into your business so you can have more time and money freedom.

This begins with learning how to create an NFA money mindset!

NFA Marketing


Have you ever felt confused about how to attract the right customers who will pay for what you offer so you can create a max ROI business? 

This makes sense because there are a gazillion options that lead to confusion, shiny object syndrome and a scattered marketing message.

To fix this, you need marketing clarity and strategic business systems!

Once your marketing systems are aligned, and you are attracting the right customers your way through "reverse marketing," you will be shocked how fast the money flows into your business!

NFA Manifesting


The Law of Attraction is an art and science that works when you know how to apply it using practical actionable strategies.

Don't worry - if you keep hanging with me, you'll get the ultimate result...

You'll finally make way more money doing exactly what you love to do and you'll know how to scale your business faster with less stress and burnout by manifesting from your Zone of Genius.

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- Client Success -

Tommy A. | AMPLIFY Coach

I first met Amanda by asking HER to be a Special Guest speaker for a group that I'm running. At that end of our interview, I asked questions about her work and her clients. I told her how I had experienced so much growth and success as a coach and business owner, but that my money results weren't quite what I wanted or expected. She understood this discrepancy, completely, and she knew how to help.

I hired her on the spot.

In the WEEK that I hired Amanda, I made back my investment with a new client. In the weeks that followed, I doubled my monthly revenue compared to any other month this year. But improved money results were just the beginning. I'm a deeply self-reflective person and passionate about my growth and development. Try as I might, however, I still am too close to myself to truly understand myself. That's where an outside perspective from a gifted coach, mentor, and consultant, like Amanda, is priceless. She helped me gain tremendous clarity around what I'm here on this planet to do right now, who that supports, HOW that supports others, and how I can ENJOY the path of wealth building along the way.

We're so tempted to demonize wealth, and we've seen it in popular media for hundreds of years (and more). Dr. Amanda helped me to see the RESULTS of conscious, powerful contribution to others, and how ALL of us...yes...ALL OF US have every right, power, and opportunity to have a nurturing, positive, and healthy relationship with money and wealth.

There's a very simple test to decide if you're ready to work with Dr. Amanda or not. Ask yourself this question: are you happy with the results in your bank account?

If you ARE happy, then you probably don't need to give her a call. If you're NOT, please message her and start a conversation. She will use profound experience, outstanding training, intuition, logic, and passion to help support you in not only being happy with your bank account, but to have a relationship with money that makes a tremendous impact on you, your family, your community, and each person you're put on this Earth to positively support.

Hello - I'm Dr. Amanda Barrientez, the founder of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money and I'm psyched you're here! I'm pretty much obsessed with teaching entrepreneurs everything I can about the energy, mindset and habits around money-making.

Why? Because I used to be on food stamps and completely stuck in victim-minded-poverty-consciousness. Once I learned how to overcome what I now call Competing Commitments™ - when your unconscious and conscious beliefs are battling each other - I was able to change my money issues and build a 6-figure business fast. It feels so much better to be making ever-increasing money doing what I love than feeling stuck, scared and frustrated.

No matter where you're at on your money journey, it is my dedicated mission and purpose to help you align your mindset and redesign your business systems targeted toward making more money doing exactly what you love.

NFA Money-Making High Fives,

💙 Dr. Amanda