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If you're ready to PERMANENTLY TRANSFORM YOUR MONEY MINDSET - read Dr. Amanda's I Am A Money Magnet book!

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This Book is Your 30-Day Manifesting Roadmap...

You'll Get:

  • Dr. Amanda's Proven 3-Step NFA Money Formula™ to Reprogram Your Money Mindset
  • The Top 30 Money-Making AffirMantras to Manifest More
  • The Neuroscience and Quantum Physics Behind Manifesting
  • Key Law of Attraction Strategies that Get Results
  • A 30-Day Journaling Technique to Breakthrough Your Money Blocks & Manifest Money Using AffirmMantras
  • Instructions on How to Use Meditation to Manifest More Easily
  • Over 100 Journaling Questions to Discover Your Unconscious Money Beliefs
  • A Free 30-Day Supplemental Video Course (QR Code Inside the Book!)

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Test out Dr. Amanda's "I Am A Money Magnet" book. You'll receive a 23-page sneak peek to learn why most people use affirmations wrong and how to use her "AffirMantras" to manifest easier money. Plus, you'll get AffirMantra 6, one of her 30 power-packed, money-making AffirMantras to manifest more!


  • Integrate what you’re learning in this book by receiving a short lesson sent straight to your inbox from Dr. Amanda (in video & MP3 formats).
  • You’ll get one lesson, every day, for 30-days to dive deeper into each AffirMantra.
  • Get inspired with tips to help you stay aligned and manifest more easily.
  • Be accountable, and stay on track over the next 30 days.

Note: This course supplements AffirMantras 1-30.
To access the course, purchase the book where you'll find the QR code on page 55.

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1,000,000 USES" 

  • A supplemental guide for the NFA Money Formula steps outlined in the book.
  • Use the formula to permanently reprogram your money mindset and manifest money more easily.
  • RECOGNIZE your unconscious money blocks, REFRAME using AffirMantras, and REPEAT to reprogram for abundance.
  • Short Video Training + Downloadable Cheatsheet
NFA Money Formula Training➠
  • Understand how your Money OS (Operating System) programs you for poverty or wealth.
  • Recognize the money beliefs you learned from a young age.
  • Explore how these beliefs became blocks that cause resistance to manifesting.
  • Rewrite your money beliefs using reframes.
  • Take charge of your financial reality and create abundance.
  • Have the potential to double your income fast (like my clients who have rewritten their money stories!).
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  • TRAIN YOUR BRAIN for Success with Proven, Quick Win Action Steps
  • PROGRAM YOUR MONEY MINDSET for Wealth Consciousness
  • REMOVE YOUR MONEY BLOCKS - No More Fear, Imposter Syndrome, Procrastination, Self Sabotage Problems
  • CREATE MONEY CONFIDENCE = Make More and More Money Under All Conditions
REPROGRAM Your Money Mindset ➠

Meet the Author

Dr. Amanda

"The Money Healer"

Dr. Amanda Barrientez - known as "The Money Healer" - is the founder of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money, the host of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast and the NFA Money YouTube Channel. She is a professional speaker and best-selling author who has been featured on over 150 podcasts, sharing tips on how to uplevel your money mindset to manifest easier money in your life and business.

After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, Dr. Amanda’s been on a quest to teach people, just like you, how to transform your relationship to money so you can work less, make more and have fun on the wealth building journey!

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