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033 - Are You Planting Seeds for 2023 Money Success?

Do you know that the seeds you plant TODAY are creating your financial success TOMORROW?

It's actually based on the Law of Cause and Effect...

You are either planting seeds that will set you up for 2023 money success OR you're planting seeds that will cause you to keep making the same amount of money you've always made (and feeling the same way about it!).

Listen to today's episode 033 of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast - Are You Planting Seeds for 2023 Money Success?

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Are You Planting Seeds for Money Success?
03:00 Tip No. 1
05:00 Don't forget to ORDER Dr. Amanda's I Am A Money Magnet Book!
This book will teach you...
👉A Proven 3-Step Manifestation Formula
👉The Top 30 Money-Making Mantras to Manifest More
👉Key Secrets on How to Use Affirmations and Mantras to Get Results
👉A Daily Journaling Technique to Manifest Money Using "AffirmMantras"
👉How to Meditate with These AffirMantras for 2 Minutes to Reprogram Your Money Mindset
06:55 Tip No. 2
7:50 Tip No. 3


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