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Tommy A.

Tommy A. | IPEC Trainer & Coach

I first met Amanda by asking HER to be a Special Guest speaker for a group that I'm running. At the end of our interview, I asked questions about her work and her clients. I told her how I had experienced so much growth and success as a coach and business owner, but that my money results weren't quite what I wanted or expected. She understood this discrepancy, completely, and she knew how to help.

I hired her on the spot.

In the WEEK that I hired Amanda, I made back my investment with a new client. In the weeks that followed, I doubled my monthly revenue compared to any other month this year. But improved money results were just the beginning. I'm a deeply self-reflective person and passionate about my growth and development. Try as I might, however, I still am too close to myself to truly understand myself. That's where an outside perspective from a gifted coach, mentor, and consultant, like Amanda, is priceless. She helped me gain tremendous clarity around what I'm here on this planet to do right now, who that supports, HOW that supports others, and how I can ENJOY the path of wealth building along the way.

We're so tempted to demonize wealth, and we've seen it in popular media for hundreds of years (and more). Dr. Amanda helped me to see the RESULTS of conscious, powerful contribution to others, and how ALL of us...yes...ALL OF US have every right, power, and opportunity to have a nurturing, positive, and healthy relationship with money and wealth.

There's a very simple test to decide if you're ready to work with Dr. Amanda or not. Ask yourself this question: are you happy with the results in your bank account?

If you ARE happy, then you probably don't need to give her a call. If you're NOT, please message her and start a conversation. She will use profound experience, outstanding training, intuition, logic, and passion to help support you in not only being happy with your bank account, but to have a relationship with money that makes a tremendous impact on you, your family, your community, and each person you're put on this Earth to positively support.


Peter F. - Mediator & Lawyer

Amanda led a two hour workshop for our small but growing business in which she helped each team member discover their deepest values. Then each team member explored how their values aligned with our company’s values, as well as with the work each person was doing for the company. The result was an amazing jolt to our team’s cohesion and to each team members’ dedication to advancing the company’s mission. It also resulted in a significant adjustment to one team member’s role. The benefits have continued in the months since the workshop.

Amanda lives and breathes what she teaches and it shows. We recommend her highly to any business wanting to get clarity about its values and mission, increase team cohesion, and enroll team members in its mission, with all the attendant benefits in productivity and service.

James H. - Real Estate Entrepreneur

I was introduced to Dr. Amanda when one of my real estate mentors was on her Max Potential Habits podcast. After binge listening to all her episodes I decided to sign up for her NFA business coaching. In a very short period of time, Dr. Amanda has helped me move past some road blocks I was dealing with. She has also given me tools that have completely rewired my brain and helped me become significantly more productive with my daily routine. I can't recommend NFA Coaching enough for anyone looking to take themselves and their business to the next level. She truly is great at what she does and I cannot thank her enough for her help. As I bring new employees on I plan to utilize Dr. Amanda and her NFA coaching to ensure my team is reaching Max Potential. In summary, I think she’s great and I’m positive you will think so too.

Janette J. - Lawyer

I had the privilege of working with Amanda during a corporate retreat for the Max Potential Values Workshop.  It was a great opportunity to reflect both as a group and an individual on becoming more aligned with our values.  Amanda brings a sense of confidence and calm to her workshop.  She is able to hit home on the important highlights and ways to implement positive business and personal practices on a day to day basis as well as making time for one on one if we had further questions or wanted deeper exploration. I came away from the workshop with a renewed sense of self and accomplishment and goal orientation that immediately started to take effect in my professional and personal life.  

Eric & Lynn B. - Brand Strategist & CEO of the Home/Family

We felt Amanda would be the perfect solution for out work-from-home-as-independent-contractors-but-reliable-parents status. In this sense, Amanda was our coaching “unicorn.” Her experience academically in psychology and sociology, professionally in small business, and especially as a single, entrepreneurial mother helped us refocus our own business goals while within the tornado of running a household with two teens of our own. 

Throughout the process (and it’s still very much ongoing), Amanda has deftly navigated the fuzzy “lines” between our household's financial/business needs and those charged moments of parenting in which it’s oh-too-easy to lose your footing and confidence. 

Her no-nonsense approach, deep-dive sessions, and “off-hours” availability on Voxer, are the perfect formula for our biz-home lifestyle. Amanda’s methods ensure the hard work outlined while in-session has very real, practical applications when she’s not personally guiding you through the seemingly endless turbulence of working and parenting and spousing.  

We strongly recommend Amanda for any entrepreneur who’s also trying to balance being a better parent and a loving partner. 

Liz G. - Executive Performance Expert

I am so GRATEFUL to have had a session with Amanda. We tackled a topic that had been a life-long issue for me, and that I felt hesitation to address publicly. She welcomed me with no judgment, and full of love, and she guided me through an experience that was life-changing. For so long I thought I'd never be able to shift my perspective, and now I have. My daily interactions with people are more solid and I feel more confident in myself. Thank You Amanda for being You, and for being in my life as a coach and friend.

Evan M. - Founder of Body Mind Consulting

Amanda is an amazing coach! Every session with her is at max potential. She honed in on the most important things for me to do for my business so quickly and skillfully, I was amazed. Truly we were not f%#*ing around with our time together. Her advice and suggestions were not only very solid, but perfectly tailored to me and my needs, and again she got right to the point very quickly and effectively. She also handled my personal reservations about what I actually needed to do very gracefully, and effortlessly helped me get out of my own way. For anyone who is ready and wants to move forward in life/business etc, I recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Amanda!

Ina S. - Realtor, CNE, MA

Dr. Amanda is not joking when she says she's an NFA coach! This lady WILL push you to go beyond your comfort zone and create the life and business you were meant to. Can't recommend her highly enough!

John H. - Partner Attorney/Mediator

A naturally gifted coach, Amanda also brings a wealth of knowledge about how to maximize on your goals through getting clear on your personal values and how they align with your goals, and adjusting habits.

Johanna G. - Acupuncturist

Amanda is an amazing coach! Every session with her is at max potential. She honed in on the most important things for me to do for my business so quickly and skillfully, I was amazed. Truly we were not f%#*ing around with our time together. Her advice and suggestions were not only very solid, but perfectly tailored to me and my needs, and again she got right to the point very quickly and effectively. She also handled my personal reservations about what I actually needed to do very gracefully, and effortlessly helped me get out of my own way. For anyone who is ready and wants to move forward in life/business etc, I recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Amanda!

Joe B. - Consultant

If you are struggling with getting the results you want then I highly recommend scheduling some time with Amanda. Her no-nonsense "No-F*cking Around" approach was exactly what I needed to find why my results and desires were not matching up. If you get the opportunity to work with Amanda, you will find that she is genuine and sincerely want to help people achieve in business and in life!

Bonnie E. - Office Manager

Amanda possesses an "inner calm" and deep intuition and drive to go deep into healing and liberating her life and share her experience and gifts through NFA coaching. She is an advocate of optimum health and healing. Her energy and resource base is boundless and extensive! She exposed me to one of these resources at the right time and it really changed my limited perspective along with a profound impact on how I witness and experience intimate relationship. I had an awakening deep inside my own understanding that literally rewired and liberated me. She exudes a quiet confidence and naturally put me at ease while still being serious about the challenges at hand.

Jeff B. - Sales Executive

Amanda is insightful, patient and possesses incredible knowledge when it comes to personal growth and development. It's easy to react to those things that bring us a charge, never recognizing our own hang-ups relating to childhood experiences. I love the perspective she brings, reminding me of my blind spots and refocusing my efforts towards becoming a better man. She's taught me to sit with myself in quiet reflection, become more emotionally aware and completely available to all my family, friends and partner. I am forever grateful for Amanda and her coaching.

Brandy K. - Mediator, J.D.

Working with Amanda, I applied a practice that I understood well in theory but had yet to get traction on in an important aspect of my life. Amanda challenged me in my “stuckness” and offered me support to re-examine my patterns. Working with her, I gained insights to the area I had struggled to understand. The methods and experience she brings to her coaching have changed my life!

Ade M. | Graduate Researcher

Amanda is priceless! She is an amazing person committed to helping individuals overcome challenges. In our first coaching session, I was able to gain valuable knowledge about how to deal with grief, loss, and stress during a time of difficulty in my life. Our session was invaluable and more than what I expected. I really appreciated Amanda’s open, compassionate, patient, mindful, and supportive approach. The depth of her experience is a rare and profound and she has truly helped me to transform my reality in a positive way. Her methods are Pragmatic, Productive, and Powerful. I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart for all the great coaching.

Kendra Hutchens - PhD, Researcher

NFA coaching will change your life. Amanda does not just validate you; she provides tools to help you grow and shift your perspective. She has been an invaluable coach, guiding me through exercises that address shadows and charges in both my personal and professional life. Every time I work with Amanda I feel deeply heard, wrapped in compassion, and guided by her profound intuition. She has offered me both a mirror and prescriptions for change. I have noticed immediate results from her coaching! I am so grateful to have this powerful woman in my life!

Kel K. - Sales, Entrepreneur

I am so honored to have Amanda as a mentor and coach! She has been a powerful mentor for me over this past year. I have learned so many new relational skills and developed tremendously in my personal and business life while working with her. She is an amazing listener and has a huge heart when it comes to support. Amanda is always coming to me with new ideas and challenges to make my life better. I have been able to heal multiple relationship wounds while continuing to develop my self love and inner-happiness. Amanda has a brilliant talent of bringing out the best in people while supporting them and being there for them on many levels. I highly recommend working with Amanda if your looking for personal development, self confidence and relational skills.

Lamont M. - Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

The PEPI workshop exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were already high to begin with. The issues that I've been having growing my business were listened to carefully & assessed reasonably. I left with 2 pages full of notes and simple action items from a coach who seemed able to see my vision in real time. This event was exciting and I look forward to the next workshop!

Diana G. - Founder About Faces Inc.

Dr. Amanda is not just any coach!

You must experience her to know her priceless value.

Kristen C. - Technology Architecture Delivery Senior Analyst

I always had a curious mindset - constantly expanding my horizons in various industries. However, I lacked focus before speaking to Dr. Barrientez. Everyone who attended her workshop helped me find my passion and gave me invaluable advice! They were all unique individuals who were eager to grow, knowledgeable, and humble. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this opportunity to meet an amazing group of entrepreneurs! As an aspiring entrepreneur, I am now confident in my skills, ability, and drive to accomplish my short and long term goals! This workshop not only helped me find my purpose, but it also gave me a community to bounce ideas off of. Words cannot describe my gratitude! Dr. Barrientez excels in understanding your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. She defines a plan to tackle your problems and reach your maximum potential.