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The 4 Step BUSINESS SCALING ROADMAP to Get to Your Zone of Manifestation™ | Episode 003 of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

Sep 06, 2022
Which Zone are You In on the Roadmap?

Have you ever wanted a roadmap to know where you're at on the business scaling journey? Well, this is it!

Over the last four years, I went from food stamps to scaling my business to 6-figures - working less and making more every year. On this journey, I got to work with all different types of entrepreneurs at various levels of income. As I helped them navigate their way to larger income and impact, I discovered four distinct Zones they all went through during the scaling process. In each of these Zones, there were common and specific "symptoms" at each phase of growth. Similarly, there were specific action steps I gave them that helped them breakthrough barriers more easily to get to Zone 4 - the money-making sweet spot that I call, "The Zone of Manifestation™." 

If you follow this roadmap, you'll recognize which Zone you're currently in and learn ways to get into Zone 4 - your Zone of Manifestation™. Think of Zone 4 as your target Zone because it's in this Zone where you have the ability to scale your business with more joy, flow and ease. In the Zone of Manifestation™, you become magnetic to money because you're scaling from your Zone of Genius (a term coined by Gay Hendricks in his book - The Big Leap). Zone 4 is where the money magic happens and it's where you want to be on the business scaling journey!

Here's the breakdown...

 The 4 Zones:

1. The Manic-Imposter Zone

2. The Overdeliver & Undercharge Zone 

3. The Value-Yourself-More Zone

4. The Zone of Manifestation™ (The Money Magnet Zone!)

ZONE 1 - The Manic-Imposter Zone:

In The Manic-Imposter Zone, you'll be thinking: “I am bursting with excitement and ideas about building my business AND I have no idea what I’m doing!”  

In this Zone, the start-up mania feels oh so good. You will eat, sleep and dream about your business. You'll talk about your ideas and daydream about what's possible as an entrepreneur. You'll create big (and very unrealistic) expectations. Simultaneously, you'll feel confused and uncertain about what to do to create money out of nothing. You'll wonder which are the best steps to take next and spend a lot of time researching and learning everything you can. You'll be taking massive action, fueled by the mania but it won't be very productive because you don't know what you're doing. The mania mixed with the huge learning curve creates imposter syndrome. Because of the imposter syndrome, you will get inconsistent results. You are starting to attract people your way but then get scared about charging them (so you feel inclined to barter or give everything away for free). 

In the Manic-Imposter Zone, you'll feel impatient and have unrealistic expectations. You'll start bringing in some money but, like most entrepreneurs who are in this zone, you'll be spending more than you're making.

To move out of this Zone, here are some ACTION STEPS you can take...

First, you must reframe your money mindset. Write down this affirmation and use it anytime you notice your manic-imposter running the show: “I am committed to doing daily mindset work to reduce my imposter syndrome doubts and build my confidence as an entrepreneur.”

Second, do these top 3 priorities daily (for the remainder of your business): 

  1. Lead Gen - Pick 2 Strategies that You Enjoy and that are Bringing Results
    • Do organic only - networking, interacting on SM, Facebook groups etc. - because you don't want to waste money on ads until you have more understanding about who you serve best.
  2. Work with New Clients & Get Results
    • Be sure to get powerful results and use these as case studies and/or testimonials for future clients.
  3. Content Creation - Choose ONE Marketing Outlet (Blog, Podcast, YouTube) + 1 SM Platform (IG, FB, LI, TikTok, Twitter)
    • When you're pre 6-figures, it is critical that you choose only one or each and become an expert. This will help you build confidence and reduce overwhelm.

Third, begin a Non-Stop Money Mindset Daily Growth Practice - Focusing on Imposter Syndrome, Money Blocks and Confidence:

  • Have a morning routine that includes personal growth and development, meditation and journaling.
  • Read books, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube videos about money mindset mastery.
  • Take online courses and go to workshops.
  • Find a Coach and/or Mastermind to Help You Breakthrough Your Money Blocks (Click HERE to Work with Me!)

ZONE 2 - The Overdeliver & Undercharge Zone (You are most likely stuck here!):

(NOTE: This is the Zone where 80% of entrepreneurs are stuck right now. Unfortunately, some stay stuck here far too long and sometimes it even leads to big-time burnout and throwing in the towel - leaving your business behind.)

In The Overdeliver and Undercharge Zone, you'll be thinking: “If I help everyone, have tons of offerings and don’t charge too much, I’ll get a lot of clients!”

In this Zone, you'll still be stuck in imposter syndrome so you'll be taking on wayyyyyyy tooooooo muuchhhhh. You'll feel the need to overlearn (believing you need more certificates and courses to know what you're doing) and you'll feel compelled to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Your overlearning and saying yes to every opportunity problem causes overwhelm. Plus, you'll have what I call "Scattered Brand Identity" because you're trying to help everyone and you'll create too many offerings.

In The Overdeliver and Undercharge Zone, you'll feel stuck not charging what you're worth and wonder if it's worth it because you're still making very inconsistent income.

To move out of this Zone, here are some ACTION STEPS you can take... 

First, you must reframe your money mindset. Write down this affirmation and use it anytime you notice your overdeliver-undercharge problem showing up: “I am ready and willing to narrow my focus and play with increasing my prices."

Second, choose only ONE program/product/service to promote for a year or until you break the 6-figure mark. This will help you:

  • Build Your Expert Platform + Increase Brand Identity
  • Niche Down
  • Charge More

Third, treat it like a business! 

  • Track everything and ask yourself: is the time and money I'm spending getting the expected results?
  • Start a “Drop, Automate, Delegate Dream List” (You'll Use this in the Next Zone!)

Fourth, continue doing the top 3 priorities daily (from Zone 1).

Last, continue doing your daily money mindset growth practice. 

ZONE 3 - The Value-Yourself-More Zone:

In The Value-Yourself-More Zone, you'll be thinking: “I am no longer willing to work this hard. I surrender. I gotta up my prices and free up time!”

In this Zone, you'll start to own your value and understand who you serve best and know what it is that you enjoy doing. This is where you start to shine in your Zone of Genus. Because you now have brand clarity - knowing what you enjoy doing and are getting results for a niched-down audience - you can charge more for what you offer. You are becoming much better at optimizing your time by using a drop (everything that's not important), automate (systematize everything possible), and delegate (everything that you don't enjoy doing) strategy. You're gaining confidence, dropping imposter syndrome and feeling way less overwhelmed

In The Value-Yourself-More Zone, you're starting to stabilize and grow your income (YAY - finally!).

To shine in this Zone and keep moving toward Zone 4, here are some ACTION STEPS you can take...  

First, you must reframe your money mindset. Write down this affirmation and use it daily to reinforce valuing yourself and your time more: “I am in the process of owning my value - I’ll charge more and drop, automate or delegate everything away that’s not aligned with doing exactly what I love to do.”

Second, APPLY your “Drop, Automate, Delegate Dream List” that you created in Zone 2 to optimize your time. This means taking action on this list (not dreaming about doing it!).

Third, continue doing the top 3 priorities (from Zone 1), and add:

  • + Delegating Everything You Can!
  • + Drop Everything that Isn’t Aligned
  • + Implement Automated Systems 

Fourth, continue to own your expertise which will strengthen your brand power and allow you to charge expert prices.

Last, continue your non-stop money mindset growth learning - now focusing specifically on manifestation and business scaling.

ZONE 4 - The Zone of Manifestation™ (The Money Magnet Zone!): 

 In The Zone of Manifestation™, you'll be thinking: “OMGoddess…it’s finally working! People are coming my way easily, I’m enjoying my business and I’m making more and more money!”

In this Zone, you'll experience bamboo growth (feeling like nothing's been happening for years and then suddenly - BOOM - exponential growth!). You'll be doing what you love doing every day because you're a time master and you drop, automate and delegate everything away that's not aligned with you living in your Zone of Genius. You attract easy opportunities and you feel confident, clear and in control of your business. You've reduced stress and resistance so you manifest what you want way faster

In The Zone of Manifestation™, you're a money magnet and everything you touch turns to gold. So, your income is exponentially growing. Oh yeah! 

To stay in this sweet-spot Zone, here are the ACTION STEPS to take...  

First, you keep your money mindset focused on this affirmation: “I love living in my Zone of Manifestation™ and being a master of myself and my time!”

Second, remember that from here on out, your #1 focus is to bring value to your people through your aligned energy and offering(s), working the amount of time you choose to work. 

Third, consider the value of your time in every action you take. Ask yourself:

  • Is the activity increasing joy and raising energy? (If yes, do it!)
  • Is the activity draining and decreasing energy? (If yes, drop it!)

Fourth, always challenge shiny object syndrome and the desire to create a new offer. Ask yourself:

  • Could You Enhance What is Already Working?
  • If the Opportunity is not a 100% Heaven Yes - it’s a Hell No!

Last and MOST IMPORTANT, continue your growth journey, always remembering that this is what got you to your Zone of Manifestation™.

👉🏼 If you want a copy of the Zone of Manifestation™ Biz Scaling Roadmap, visit The Zone of Manifestation™ Roadmap. 

👉🏼 Click these links to LISTEN on the Podcast or WATCH on YouTube to learn more about The Zone of Manifestation™ Business Scaling Roadmap.  

👉🏼 Work with me to get to Zone 4 so you can work less, make more and have fun -  www.WorkWithDrAmanda.com.

Written by Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer"

Dr. Amanda Barrientez - known as "The Money Healer" - is the founder of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money, the host of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast and the NFA Money YouTube Channel. She's been featured on over 150 podcasts, sharing tips on how to uplevel your money mindset to make easier money in your business.

After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, Dr. Amanda’s been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs how to transform their relationship to money and scale from their Zone of Manifestation™.  Check out her proven 3-step formula at www.NFAMoneyFormula.com.

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