Use this Law of Attraction JOURNALING STRATEGY to Manifest More Easily | Episode 013 of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 11, 2022
Use this Law of Attraction JOURNALING STRATEGY to Manifest More Easily | Episode 013 of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

Do you know that JOURNALING can be used to manifest what you want more easily?

Nearly 100% of my clients RESIST journaling when I initially recommend that they implement the habit. Yet, when they start practicing, they notice fast results!

It wasn't until I realized that the most common reason that they were resistant to journaling was because when they'd sit down to journal, they had no idea what to write about.

So that you can stop resisting the journaling habit, I want to teach you a SIMPLE LAW OF ATTRACTION JOURNALING STRATEGY to help you manifest more easily. I call this strategy...  



1. Start with the Statement: "I am so happy and grateful now that..."

➠ Then continue writing in your journal as if what you're describing has already happened.
➠ Describe all of the details that are exactly as you envision your life and business to be in its ideal state.
➠ Choose to describe your perfect day, week, month, or year.
➠ Focus on the small or the big details; be specific or general.

2. Script DAILY!

➠ The more frequently you do this, the more powerfully you will be able to visualize what you're manifesting which will cause you to be emotionally vibing with it!
➠ KEY: "Step into the feeling of the wish fulfilled" (Neville Goddard). 
➠ See it, feel it and get aligned with it!

3. Visualize What You Scrptied for 2-Minutes

➠ No need to overdo the process. Simply turn on a 2-minute timer, turn on some high-vibe music, close your eyes and replay in your mind what you just wrote about.


I am so happy and grateful now that...

I wake up every morning feeling rested and alive! My body is strong and healthy. 

I love going to my living room that overlooks the mountains to drink my tea, read, journal and meditate with my honey.

I run on the mountain trails right by my house and then start my "work" day that feels like play.

In NFA Money is ROCKING IT! They are on it and so my company is growing rapidly - on its way to fulfilling my vision of impacting 5,000,000 people. EEK!

The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast has 5,000+ downloads per episode - wahoo! And, the NFA Money YouTube channel is growing like crazy. Both are attracting my 5-STAR ideal clients and the community is connected, engaged and feels like family. 

My NFA Money Mama Mastermind attracts super high-vibe women entrepreneurs who are breaking through their money blocks fast and making more and more money every month. It is my chosen family and I love and appreciate the women who join - they are my client soul mates!

I am now a highly paid keynote speaker (10K+ per event!) and I get more invites than I could ever possibly fulfill.

I just published my second book and it's gone best seller on Amazon in the first week!

My investments have exponentially increased and I am financially free - having everything paid from my multiple passive streams of income.

Abe and I travel when we want to and are filling our National Parks stamps book on our adventures. Our love and connection just keeps growing and growing and we are so in love and feeling blessed to get to live our lives together!

Recently, I took my kids on a shopping spree and bought them whatever they wanted. It was so fun!

For Christmas this year, Abe and I taking our entire family on an all-expenses paid trip to the snowy mountains for 10 days of fun.  


I promise that if you follow these 3-steps to script your future you will watch what you wrote about manifest through the Law of Attraction! I've used this exact scripting method to manifest my husband, my fabulous house overlooking a mountain, clients and countless business opportunities. When my clients script regularly - they have AMAZING results too! Test it out and let me know how it goes for you.

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Written by Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer"

Dr. Amanda Barrientez - known as "The Money Healer" - is the founder of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money, the host of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast and the NFA Money YouTube Channel. She's been featured on over 150 podcasts, sharing tips on how to uplevel your money mindset to make easier money in your business.

After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, Dr. Amanda’s been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs how to transform their relationship to money and scale from their Zone of Manifestation™.  Check out her proven 3-step formula at

 "Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so if you don’t like what you’re getting on the outside (money), you’ve got to change what’s within (mindset).” - Dr. Amanda - 

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