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043 - BIZ BREAKDOWN SESSION with Shannon Russell - Founder of Second Act Success

Tune in for this week's BIZ BREAKDOWN SESSION on the Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, featuring Shannon Russell - Career Coach, Course Creator, Podcast Host, Woman Entrepreneur, and the Founder of Second Act Success. She shares her expertise in connecting clients with opportunities to help them produce a balanced life of abundance.

This episode is packed with expert business tips and ways to help reframe your mindset and start attracting your FIVE-STAR ROCK STAR CLIENTS!

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Highlights from this 043 Episode of THE WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:00 Introduction
01:55 Magic Wand Question
03:25 Shannon's Business Journey
09:40 AffirMantra of the Week!
13:35 Money Block No. 1
14:40 Mindset Reframe Tip No. 1
17:50 Money Block No. 2
18:20 Mindset Reframe Tip No. 2
19:20 Strategy No.1
23:15 Strategy No.2
28:00 Check out Shannon's AWESOME WEBSITE!
31:00 Shannon's ACTION STEPS!
33:05 Connect with Shannon
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