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The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast!

This show delivers money mindset, manifestation and marketing tips for NFA - No Fucking Around - women entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their businesses to 6-figures plus. #NFAMoneyMamas

Dr. Amanda - “The Money Healer”- will teach you everything she did to go from food stamps to building a 6-figure business in the first full-time year, so you can scale your business faster, from what I call your "Zone of Manifestation."

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This show provides answers to questions like...

➠ How do I make more money as an entrepreneur?
➠ How do have a growth mindset when in comes to making money?
➠ How do I make more money doing what I enjoy?
➠ What are money blocks and how do I stop them?
➠ How do I use the Law of Attraction to build a successful business?
➠ How do I charge more for my services?
➠ How do I get over fear and doubt to scale my business?
➠ How do I set goals that actually work (NFA Manifestation Style!)?
➠ How do I scale my business without burnout?
➠ How do I sell effectively?
➠ How do I attract leads more easily?

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The Top 12 Money Mindset Books for Women Entrepreneurs

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Discover which Zone you are in and get action steps to help you move into Zone 4 - your ZONE OF MANIFESTATION™ - where you are a MONEY MAGNET!

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The Top 12 Money Mindset Books for Women Entrepreneurs

The Top 12 Money Mindset Books for Women Entrepreneurs

Read one book a month, over the course of a year, and watch the money magic happen! Oh yeah - you #NFAMoneyMama millionaire!


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Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer"

Hey, I’m Dr. Amanda!

I’m Not-Fucking-Around (that’s NFA, baby!) when it comes to getting you to a place in your business where money flows to you with ease. 

As a money mindset and manifestation coach, I’m here to help you uncover the beliefs that are keeping you from making the money you want to make. Instead of working hard, all the time, worried and scared about getting your next client and paycheck, what if you could…

Work less. Make more. And have fun. It’s not too good to be true - I know because I took myself from food stamps to 6-figures in one year (in big part, by listening to podcasts - which is why I LOVE podcasting!). We can get you to the place of financial abundance you so desperately crave. 

You deserve that!

The NFA Money Mantra? Work Less. Make More. Have Fun!

➠ Take Me to the New Season of The Inner Power Entrepreneur Podcast.

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