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037 - BIZ BREAKDOWN SESSION with Miranda VonFricken - Founder of LinkedIn Awesomeness

Tune in for this week's BIZ BREAKDOWN SESSION on the Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, featuring Miranda VonFricken - Business Woman, Speaker, LinkedIn Strategist, and Founder of LinkedIn Awesomeness. Miranda's mission is to build her brand to crazy levels of awesomeness, so she can attract high-vibe clients and share her awesomeness in the world through her services!

This episode is packed with expert tips and fun ideas to help you scale your business to the next level more easily.

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Highlights from this 037 Episode of THE WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Magic Wand Question
02:30 Miranda's Business Story
07:30 Miranda's Website
LI: @MirandaVonFricken
17:00 Money Block No. 1
18:15 Delegation Tip. No. 1
26:00 ORDER NOW: I Am A Money Magnet Book - International Bestseller!
27:50 Delegation Tip No. 2
32:45 Delegation Tip No. 3
35:15 Watch The ZONE OF MANIFESTATION™ Business Scaling Roadmap for Women Entrepreneurs 
37:25 Business Scaling Idea
38:30 Action Steps and Takeaways!
41:00 Connect with Miranda!
LI: @MirandaVonFricken
IG: @MirandaVonFricken
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