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024. SPECIAL EPISODE: The Power of Masterminds with The NFA Money Mamas

Tune in for this week's BIZ BREAKDOWN SESSION on the Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, featuring not only ONE, but 5 NFA Money Mamas from the NFA Money Mama Mastermind!

Joining me on this episode 024:
Dr. Alex of Emergent Women Coaching
Alethea Tyler of Copy With Spice
Denise of IndiGo Creative Coaching
Stacey Arbetter of The Shred Method

This week's episode is packed with knowledge, power tips, and insightful conversations about money mindset and business scaling - all from my Awesome NFA Money Mama Community. Don't miss out on the gems of wisdom that these powerhouse women entrepreneurs drop about what they would tell their startup selves...

The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast BIZ BREAKDOWN SESSION Episode 24 Highlights:

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Story of NFA Mone Mama
01:15 Join Our NFA Money Community
Go here:
02:50 What NFA Money Mama Means To You?
03:20 Dr. Alex @emergentwomencoaching
06:00 Alethea Tyler @copywithspice
09:45 Denise -
14:20 Stacey Arbetter - The Shred Method
18:05 Question No. 1 - If you could go back and tell your startup self helpful advice, what would it be?
18:25 Stacey Arbetter - The Shred Method
20:20 Denise -
24:45 Alethea Tyler @copywithspice
28:30 Dr. Alex @emergentwomencoaching
32:45 All About Their Business and FREEBIES!
33:10 Stacey Arbetter - The Shred Method
Connect with Stacey: [email protected]
34:55 Denise -
Connect With Denise:
37:00 Alethea Tyler @copywithspice
Connect With Alethea:
39:45 Dr. Alex @emergentwomencoaching
Connect With Dr. Alex:
43:00 Join Our NFA Money Community
Go here:
44:20 Awesome Takeaways
44:55 Denise’s Takeaway
45:35 Dr. Alex’s Takeaway
46:35 Alethea’s Takeaway


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