NFA Money Mamas

An NFA - No Fucking Around - Money Mama is a Woman Entrepreneur Who…

1) Is DRIVEN to build a successful business that gives her TIME and MONEY FREEDOM
2) Vulnerably SHARES her wildest dreams, biggest goals, and scariest fears
3) BREAKSTHROUGH these fears and conquers her imposter syndrome
4) SHOWS UP CONFIDENTLY and knows her success is inevitable
5) INSPIRES and SUPPORTS women entrepreneurs to SHINE THEIR LIGHT & share their SUPERPOWER

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Stop Wondering How to Build a Successful Business 

Stop Playing Small 

Stop Feeling Stuck

Stop Feeling Alone as an Entrepreneur  



#NFAMoneyMama = No Fucking Around Money Mama = #ConfidentPowerhouse

NOUN: An NFA - No Fucking Around - Money Mama is a high-achieving woman entrepreneur who knows what she wants and gets it. Because she continuously recognizes and overcomes the fears and limiting beliefs that keep her stuck, she finds limitless financial success and abundance - all while doing what she loves in her business. She belongs to a community of women who challenge and support each other on the path to being UNAPOLOGETIC, CONFIDENT, and INSPIRATIONAL financial POWERHOUSES.

The NFA Money Mama Mastermind is for You if …

  • You've got big money goals for your business and want to get there without working harder
  • Business growth has plateaued - you feel frustrated and overworked
  • You need the roadmap that shows you exactly how to build a profitable business
  • You're finally ready to live your dream of scaling your business to $6-figures+ 
  • Business feels lonely - you want friends and mentors you can talk to about your money goals and fears 

When you join the NFA Money Mama Mastermind, you'll become part of a growth-minded community who knows your struggles, helps you create solutions, and celebrates your successes (big and small). No matter what stage of business you're in, or how much money you're currently making, you'll get the #NFAMoneyMama friendship and mentorship you need to breakthrough to 6-figures and beyond as a powerhouse woman entrepreneur!


(We're ready for you to be there, MASTERING YOUR MONEY MINDSET, with us!)


Hear from The Founding NFA Money Mamas...

Denise R. | Transformational Coach

As a result of joining the NFA Money Mamas, I have been able to shift my beliefs about money. My new perspective is already helping me create results. Dr. Amanda leads deep-thinking sessions that help members to heal and rewrite their money stories. I highly recommend Dr. Amanda and her programs. Check out Denise here:

Alethea T. | Copy with Spice

I LOVE getting to be a part of the NFA Money Mamas. These powerhouse ladies hold my hand through doubting days, inspire me to keep reaching higher, and gift me with the practical support and advice to ACTUALLY get there. Building my business confidence has already led to BIG results (hint: they involve money)!

Alyssa M. | Cabinet Makeover Master

NFA Money Mamas is so much more to me than just a mastermind group. It feels like a family. All of my sisters putting everything into growing their businesses, their wallets, and their minds. It’s a great feeling knowing that they have my back and are there anytime I feel stuck. Whether that be stuck in my business or in my head. I was someone who got stuck in their head constantly and I would always overthink everything. Dr. Amanda helped me take a step back and see where my focus really needs to be and continues to do so. On top of that she and all of the other women are constantly encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone. I have grown so much with this group and with Dr. Amanda. With these women, there is nowhere to go, but up.

About Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer"

Hey NFA Money Mama - I'm psyched you're here! I'm Dr. Amanda Barrientez - "The Money Healer," founder of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money, and the creator of the NFA Money Mama Mastermind.

My #NFAMoneyMama superpower is to teach entrepreneurs, just like you, how to heal their relationship to money so they can create businesses that give them time and money freedom. 

Why? Because I used to STRUGGLE with limiting beliefs about women and money. I thought men held all the money power and that I'd be poor forever. Once I realized I could reprogram my money mindset for success, I went from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast! Since then, I've been on a quest to teach women entrepreneurs how to be confident money-making #NFAMoneyMamas! 


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