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NFA Money Mamas

A Group Coaching Program for No Fucking Around Women Entrepreneurs Ready to Build 6-Figure+ Businesses


If you answer YES to any of the following, then NFA MONEY MAMAS is for you!

  • I Worry About Money Often
  • I Frequently Feel Like an Imposter (Fears/Uncertainties/Doubts)
  • My Income is Not Increasing or Has Plateaued
  • I Work Hard but My Income Doesn't Match My Efforts
  • Lead Generation Sucks - I'm Not Sure What to Do?
  • I Need to Refine My Offer(s) (Too Many, Not Attracting People etc)
  • I'm Not Sure What to Charge and/or How to Increase What I Charge?
  • I Have Trouble Delegating Effectively
  • I Don't Like Selling and/or Don't Have an Effective Sales Strategy
  • I Am Doing a Lot of Sh*t I Don't Enjoy Doing!
  • I'm Tired of Feeling Overwhelmed and/or Burnt Out
  • I Wish I Had a Community to Grow My Business With

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Meet with Dr. Amanda About the NFA Money Mama Program➠

What You'll Get from
NFA Money Mamas:

Elevate Your Money 🧠 Mindset

  • Stop worrying about money
  • Breakthrough your unconscious money blocks
  • Learn how to raise your money vibe
  • Build confidence about self-promotion (drop imposter syndrome!)
  • Increase your income with less effort

Business Scaling 📈Fundamentals

  • Build your business to 6-figures plus, doing what you love to do
  • Get the customized tools you need to grow your unique business
  • Learn sales and social media strategies that attract clients easily
  • Scale from your Zone of Manifestation 

A High Vibe Community ❤️

  • Connect, learn and grow with a like-minded family of women entrepreneurs
  • Look forward to our weekly LIVE meetings to stay high-vibe
  • Network and share wins
  • Get support and feedback from other women who are scaling their business

LIVE Weekly Mastermind

We meet on Zoom to align your mindset on Mondays and get business scaling training on Wednesdays.

Weekly Business Scaling Action Steps

You'll get the exact manifestation and business scaling action steps you need to take to build your business and make money more easily. 

Group Video App

On our app, you'll check in daily to get support, share wins, and follow our book club. + You have direct, daily access to Dr. Amanda.

Reprogram Your Money Mindset Course

In this 12-week DIY online course, you'll learn the top 12 NFA Money Methods to reprogram your money mindset and lay the foundation to manifest easier money.

How to Set Manifestation Based Goals Workshop

In this 6-hour video workshop, you learn how to uplevel your goal-setting by applying manifestation-based strategies.


The NFA Money Mamas are the heart and soul of the mastermind. We are a "family" of heart-centered, driven, woo-woo women who are scaling to 6 figures and beyond.

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Stacey Arbetter | The Shred Method

Joining the NFA Money Mamas was one of my best decisions. I love being part of this empowered, powerful, and badass community of ladies! It has challenged me to dig deep, acknowledge my beliefs about money and shift those beliefs to accelerate business success. Everyone is there to support each other with their experience and give advice that is actionable and without the sugar-coating BS! 

Dr. Alex Swenson-Ridley | Health Coach & Mentor to High Achieving Women

I love working with Dr. Amanda in the NFA Money Mama Mastermind! Dr. Amanda's approach to healing your relationship with money and growing your business is unique and refreshing. She is a master at creating community and connection between amazing female entrepreneurs that has brought a level of support I didn't even realize I was missing in business and life. There's something about being in a space with amazing women who just "get" it. With the support of this community I've worked through some hard stuff that has been holding me back for years and have been able to stop following cookie cutter approaches and really create what I actually want for my business and my life. Thank you Dr. Amanda for providing this amazing place to grow and business and be a woman!

Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer"

Hey, I’m Dr. Amanda!

I’m NFA (that’s Not Fucking Around, baby!) when it comes to getting you to a place in your business where money flows to you with ease. 

As a money mindset and manifestation coach, I’m here to help you uncover the beliefs that are keeping you from making the money you want to make. Instead of working hard, all the time, worried and scared about getting your next client and paycheck, what if you could…

Work less. Make more. And have fun. It’s not too good to be true - I know because I took myself from food stamps to 6-figures in one year and I've helped thousands breakthrough their money blocks to increase their income and feel good while doing it! I am certain I can get you to the place of financial freedom you so desperately crave. 

You 100% deserve that. 

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Denise Richards | Real Estate Coach

As a result of joining the NFA Money Mamas, I have been able to shift my beliefs about money. My new perspective is already helping me create results. Dr. Amanda leads deep-thinking sessions that help members to heal and rewrite their money stories. I highly recommend Dr. Amanda and her programs.

Alethea Tyler - Copy With Spice

I’m Alethea—a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs. I decided to join the NFA Money Mama Mastermind because honestly, being an entrepreneur can be lonely and I wanted a group of people I could confide in, who would support and challenge me as I grew. This group has been exactly that and so much more. Dr. Amanda is f*ing fabulous. She creates a space for radical responsibility, vulnerability, and profound inspiration. All of which has allowed me to overcome money beliefs I wasn't even conscious of having and unearth the core of who I am so I can create a business, and a life, that *actually* aligns with what feels good.

If you’re looking for a group of women you can dig deep with and who will lovingly call you out on why you’re stuck - you’ve found it. And if you’re excited at the idea of bonding with a bunch of powerhouse, woo woo weirdos looking to grow their business and redefine what success looks like - you’ll feel right at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NFA Money Mama Mission:

Work Less. Make More. Have Fun!


#NFAMoneyMama = No Fucking Around Money Mama = #ConfidentPowerhouse

NOUN: An NFA - No Fucking Around - Money Mama is a high-achieving woman entrepreneur who knows what she wants and gets it (even though she sometimes has doubts!). Because she continuously recognizes and overcomes the fears and limiting beliefs that keep her stuck, she finds limitless financial success and abundance - all while doing what she loves in her business. She belongs to a community of women who challenge and support each other on the path to being UNAPOLOGETIC, CONFIDENT, and INSPIRATIONAL financial POWERHOUSES.

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