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Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer" - is The Leading Mindset Expert!


"The outer world is a reflection of your inner world.
So, if you don't like what you're getting on the outside (money),
change what's within (mindset)."

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Interactive Speaking to Create Permanent Mindset Transformation

NFA - No F*cking Around - Results

Every Signature Talk of Dr. Amanda's Includes:

✓ Practice using her proprietary 3-step NFA Money Formula™ that shows you how to permanently reprogram your subconscious mind.

✓ How to apply Universal Laws using practical, actionable strategies that get real-life (money-making) results.

✓ Habits to create an aligned State of Being to consciously design success in all areas of your personal and professional life.

Unique Leadership Strategies You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

Everything gets easier when you learn simple mindset strategies to overcome stress and overwhelm so you can lead from your inspired, transformed, and powerhouse Zone of Genius.

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Dr. Amanda is the Perfect Speaker for You If...

  • You have been looking for a speaker who offers practical, actionable strategies (and not just the same old motivational talk).
  • You're ready for an interactive, engaging event that will leave your audience permanently transformed.
  • You want a speaker who is an expert at intuitively tailoring the event to meet the needs of your participants.
  • You desire to enhance your company culture by providing an event that empowers each person to grow personally and professionally.

What's her magic formula? Dr. Amanda's intuitive read of the room's energy + the vulnerability she shares creates a safe space for people to open up, engage, and transform. 

"I invited Dr. Amanda to be a featured presenter at one of our annual events. The audience feedback was exceptional. Her ability to command the room and keep people engaged was special. Her knowledge and expertise made her the perfect compliment to the day. I would highly recommend Dr. Amanda as a guest speaker for your next event."
-Dr. Jay LaGuardia - CEO of TriplePLife

Dr. Amanda's 4 Signature Leadership Talks

Any of Dr. Amanda's Signature Programs can be customized to fit your specific goals. We can co-create a 60-minute keynote/breakout, a half-day, a full-day, or a 2-day event. In addition, she loves to do a keynote + workshop combo.

Dr. Amanda Speaking at a Leadership Event

Dr. Amanda Speaking at a Leadership Event


NFA Based Leadership

This disruptive NFA™ (No F*cking Around) leadership-based program is designed to turn business professionals into radically-responsible mindset masters who lead from a rock-solid foundation of laser-focused, personal power habits.

✓ Understand the brain science behind mindset transformation and drop the habit of being stressed.

 Learn how to overcome procrastination and overwhelm to get laser-focused results.

 Implement the secrets of the NFA™ Mindset to get into a State of Being that inspires productive action.

 Apply the NFA Money Formula™ as an alignment journaling tool to lead with impact.

 Increase company ROI by raising every team member’s leadership vibe.

Uplevel your NFA™ mindset to be the leader of yourself and your team. Feel poised and confident to enhance company performance, productivity, and profitability after this life-changing, interactive presentation.

NFA Based Leadership OneSheet

Genius Based Leadership

During the brain-altering, interactive session, you'll learn why your Zone of Genius Values are the key to unlocking your potential and how to discover your Zone of Genius Values so you can lead yourself, your team, and your life with deliberate, inspired action.

✓ Understand the neuroscience behind why you’re overwhelmed, procrastinating, and doubting yourself.

✓ Discover your unique Zone of Genius Values to be confident, clear, and focused, and take inspired action

 Know how to maximize your leadership potential by aligning with your Zone of Genius Values, every day.

 Elevate team connectivity to uplevel the company vibe.

 Increase leadership performance to maximize company ROI.

Optimize personal success by reducing overwhelm and increasing focused productivity to lead with confidence, cultivate team connectivity, and maximize company profitability after this transformative presentation.

Genius Based Leadership OneSheet

Dr. Amanda Helps YOU Become a Magnetic Sales Machine


Profit Based Leadership

This Law of Attraction-based program is designed to remove all of your unconscious blocks to selling so you can turn into a magnetic sales machine to amplify your profits.

✓ Learn the science-based Law of Attraction principles to become a magnetic sales machine.

✓ Remove your unconscious blocks to selling and enjoy the art of sales.

 Apply actionable mindset strategies to experience the ease of magnetic sales.

 Increase sales immediately.

 Reach your sales goals, and raise the company’s profits.

Uplevel your magnetic sales mindset to feel good when you’re selling, attract new business easily, and enhance company profitability in this mindset-altering presentation.

Profit Based Leadership OneSheet

Magnetism Based Leadership

This quantum physics-based program is designed to help business professionals learn the art and science of money magnetism. Why? Because money magnetism is your goldmine, personally and professionally. The goal of this interactive program is to give you the tools to work less (strategically!), make more, and have fun along the journey.

✓ Learn how to apply the Universal Laws of money magnetism to attract easier money.

✓ Debug your Money O.S. to heal your relationship with money, reduce financial volatility, and feel good about money.

 Use the NFA Money Formula™ to remove your unconscious money blocks.

 Rewrite your Money Story to consciously create your financial future.

 Amplify your personal wealth and increase your company’s profitability by tapping into your magnetic money power.

Reframe and reprogram your money mindset to feel good about money so you can sell with confidence, lead with power. Increase your personal wealth and your company’s profitability in this money mindset-transforming presentation.

Magnetism Based Leadership OneSheet
Dr. Amanda's Speaker Media Kit

"I invited Dr. Amanda to bring solutions for entrepreneurs who struggle with their money mindset when building their businesses. She delivered a powerful talk that my client family members loved. She was inspiring, engaging and created big breakthroughs for my client family members. Shortly after her talk, I received a long video from one of my community members sharing that Dr. Amanda had helped her have the biggest money block breakthrough she's had in years. If you're looking for a powerful money mindset speaker, I highly recommend Dr. Amanda - she'll absolutely bring transformational value to your audience! 

-Dr. Terri Levine - Founder of Heartrepreneur®


Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer"

Dr. Amanda Barrientez - known as "The Money Healer" - is the founder and CEO of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money and the NFA Money Mama Mastermind. She’s an international bestselling author and professional speaker, the host of the top 5% globally rated podcast, The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, and the fast-growing NFA Money YouTube Channel. She's been featured on over 150 podcasts, sharing tips on how to uplevel your money mindset to manifest easier money in life and business. 

After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, she's been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs and professionals how to transform their relationship to money and scale from what she calls your Zone of Manifestation™.

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"Working with Dr. Amanda has significantly up-leveled my personal and professional development. I am constantly finding examples of my increased level of consciousness which has allowed me to move toward my 'zone of genius.' Doing the work that she suggests has increased not only my consciousness, but I also feel a stronger connection with God and overall more joy. Thank you Dr. A! I look forward to our next time together!"

- Lindsay Rice

"...Dr. Amanda is a healer. And her healing is as a mental and a money healer." 

- Domenic Danino

"Dr. Amanda is the female version of Dr. Wayne Dyer!" 

- Gregory Adams
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