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The Top 3 Fears About Your Business that Keep You Up at Night

Our business building adventures are a lifelong journey. No matter where you are along that journey, fears will pop up along the way. 


😳 You might be fearful that you’re not becoming successful fast enough. Are you comparing yourself to others or falling into the cycle of shiny object syndrome because of this fear?


😥 You could be fearful that no one would actually pay for your services. Are you lowballing your prices even though that negatively affects your perceived value? 


😨 You may be fearful that you’re not an expert in your field. Are you actually worried you offer no value to your clients or are you experiencing imposter syndrome?


In this episode of Max Potential Money, I dive into common fears among entrepreneurs to help you distinguish genuine fear from worry. I’ll give you the tools to overcome your fears so you can get back to making money in your business. 


🌖 What fears keep you up at night? 




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