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How to STOP RUSHING to Manifest More Money in Your Business | Episode 019 - The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

Nov 01, 2022
How to STOP RUSHING to Manifest More Money in Your Business | Episode 019 of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast


Feeling like you're always rushed is a sign that you are stuck in a scarcity mindset (belief: there's never enough time so I better hurry to get it all done) and this will slow down your ability to make money easily in your business. 

Remember, this KEY PRINCIPLE I teach to help you get aligned for money magnetism and easy business scaling: 

"Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so if you don’t like what you’re getting on the outside (money), you’ve got to change what’s within (mindset).” 

Applied to time, this means that when you feel rushed internally, you create overwhelm and have slower results externally. This is based on the Law of Attraction - you'll keep creating the reality of having too much on your plate at all times because the Universe brings you your matching vibration (feeling rushed). And we all know that having too much on your plate leads to scattered energy which decreases money magnetism.



Because rushing is a scarcity mindset problem of believing that time controls you instead of acknowledging that you control time. All you need to do is learn how to reframe this belief so you can take strategic (instead of rushed) action and then you'll get different results! 


1. RECOGNIZE When You Feel Rushed

The first step to changing the habit of rushing is to RECOGNIZE what's going on, consciously. To raise your conscious awareness, right now, scan your last week and reflect on the times you felt rushed throughout the day. Then, today, pay attention to your feelings when you're doing the same activities that caused you to feel rushed last week. Get conscious in the moment about feeling rushed, stressed, overloaded and believing that you never have enough time. 

2. REFRAME Your Thoughts & Actions

In the second step, you must REFRAME your thoughts and actions to break the habit of rushing. First, after you notice that you're feeling rushed - STOP. Literally, stop what you're doing and acknowledge that you're feeling rushed. Then, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and say to yourself, "I enjoy feeling calm and in control of my time." 

3. REPEAT to Reprogram Your Mindset

In the third step, you will REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT numbers one and two from above, throughout the day when you recognize that you're feeling rushed. Repetition will reprogram your subconscious to shift your mindset away from thinking you're a victim of time to becoming in charge of your time. 


Reprogramming yourself to stop feeling rushed and instead be a master of your time is key to feeling good while you build your business. This matters because the vibe of feeling good is magnetic to money and being magnetic to money is how you will be able to work less, make more and have fun (the NFA Money Motto!) as you scale your business.


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Written by Dr. Amanda - "The Money Healer"

Dr. Amanda Barrientez - known as "The Money Healer" - is the founder of NFA - No Fucking Around - Money, the host of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast and the NFA Money YouTube Channel. She's been featured on over 150 podcasts, sharing tips on how to uplevel your money mindset to make easier money in your business.

After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, Dr. Amanda’s been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs how to transform their relationship to money and scale from their Zone of Manifestation™.  Check out her proven 3-step formula at

 "Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so if you don’t like what you’re getting on the outside (money), you’ve got to change what’s within (mindset).” - Dr. Amanda - 

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